Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kadazan Tribe of Sarawak?? Part 2..

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ok~ i`m sure suma urg suda tau pasal 2 buku Going Places by MAS airlines yg ada bt statement salah pasal Kadazan tribe of sarawak rite? ok~ on the 1st april, I received a message from 1 of the active kadazan/dusun group on FB.. dia punya subject "Apology from the Editorial Team of 'Going Places' and Malaysia Airlines" .. mari kita baca sama2 kenen cerita dia...

Apology from the Editorial Team of 'Going Places' and Malaysia Airlines

Hello, everyone. With regards to the recent error and misinformation printed on the February 2010 issue of the 'Going Places' magazine of Malaysia Airlines which had mentioned/printed 'Kadazan tribe of Sarawak', as well as based the dowry practices of Kadazan on age-old tradition instead of our present dowry practices, the Editorial team of Malaysia Airlines has initiated an official letter to Sabah's Minister of Tourism, Culture & Environment, YB Datuk Masidi Manjun and the Sabah Tourism Board. Its publisher, Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd, has also printed an erratum for this month's, April issue, which will read 'Special Apology Note to Readers'. Our friend, Mr. Farzleen F. Khan, who is working on Malaysia Airline's Communication Division, as well as an important committee member of 'Going Places' Editorial team at Malaysia Airlines, had kindly sent me a personal apology message here in FB on behalf of 'Going Places' Editorial Team. The following are quotes from Mr. Farzleen:

"An official apology letter to the Minister of Tourism, Culture & Environment Sabah, Yang Berhormat Datuk Masidi Manjun and the Tourism Sabah Board has been initiated by both Malaysia Airlines and the publisher of Going Places, Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd. Blu Inc has also printed an erratum (as per below) which will appear in the April 2010 issue of the magazine as a `Special Apology Note to Readers’. We have responded to all the negativity on Facebook via email. Teams at Malaysia Airlines have also connected with the Minister’s good office to personally convey our apologies and plans to rectify the error via all other channels.

We should have been more diligent in checking content and facts before they were published. For this, Malaysia Airlines once again apologizes to the people of Sabah for this grave error. An oversight such as this should have never happened. We will ensure that every bit of attention to detail, as well as additional checks and balances will be carried so that we do not make such mistakes in future.

Many thanks for hearing us out, and do keep us posted on the Kadazan-Dusun front so that we can feature/promote Sabah and its people within the magazine in the near future.

Hope this has bridged a gap and made up for a mistake which should not have been made in the first place."

As many of us here are negatively affected by the article, this is a very kind and refreshing gesture by Mr. Farzleen F. Khan, on behalf of the Editorial team and Malaysia Airlines, to send everyone here sincere apologies to all involved, especially to the people of Sabah, and specifically to the Kadazan Dusun community. I am sure after receiving this news, everyone here will feel much relieved and appreciative of the respectful and courteous effort by Malaysia Airlines in sending out their sincere apologies to everyone involved.

As Mr. Farzleen had stated that it was an honest mistake on their part, I am certain that this episode can now be put in bed, and hope that in the near future, Malaysia Airlines can strengthen their bond much further together with the Sabahan community, and specifically to the KadazanDusun community, in promoting the diverse and rich cultures and traditions of our KadazanDusun community here in Sabah, Malaysia.

Thank you to Malaysia Airlines.

Thank you and Best Regards, everyone. Have a fantastic and harmonious year ahead.

ok2.. sia copy paste habis jak suma 2 ayat2 dia di FB 2~ malas sia mo edit... so mari laa kita tidur aman suda aa~ next time no more ridiculous mistake MAS...


  1. ngam la tu..i wonder apa la jadi sama tu penulis article tu aa...hehehe...

  2. OK Good :D
    kena potong gaji kali tu penulis :P

  3. kana sack kali dia angel and rungitom...