Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Joket Lambak Vs Laksa Sarawak

ok~ i`m taking a new method now.. malas sia mo bt time and venue mcm sia selalu bt on my previous blog~ mcm diary plak lama2 sia rasa~ heheheh~

Ok ok~ last 2 week.. (i think on 28/3) , sia pg jalan2 sana waterfront sama2 daling sia~ so that day ada event berjoget lambak~ wew~ it really nice to see most of the veteran dance on the amphitheater~ showing all their old school skill of "joget lambak" .. it quite funny but at the same time, i`m also impress with their spirit.. sia ada snap a few pic of it.. let take a look at it~

Look like they having so much fun rite? the audience including me also really enjoy on their performance

This Uncle yg paling rancak 2 time..

the instrument : some kompang and violin.. tapi dia punya siuk~ mcm konsert 50an~ seriously.. I'm enjoy~!! ... look that tourist over there.. dia silik2 suda mo masuk line~ hahahahahha

She cannot Tahan already~ then she decided to join them too.. jan kamurang~ sampai dia twist ba~ hahahahah~!! funny~!! I bet she really having fun there..

hahahahah~!! enough on joget lambak~ ok.. ok~ today is my daling 23rd birthday and also our 4th years anniversary.. Happy birthday sayang.. I hope you have a good time today~ kita jalan2 jak di spring~ abis 2 spring kana sukat~ hahahah~!! btw~ after penat~ we decide to having a nice laksa~ and we are so lucky~ jumpa tempat makan laksa that I can say the best at Kuching ever.. FYI.. me and darling are laksa lover.. and since we have a same taste.. we always search for the best laksa around Kuching town..

ni la 2 laksa yg seblang~ wew.. jan kamurang~ mimang sadap~ the best in Kuching town.. harga pun mimang berbaloi.. only rm3.50 .. location.. dekat2 area E-mart Matang~ near my house.. eeiii sampai skrg sia nda buli lupa rasa dia~

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