Monday, January 18, 2010


Time : 9:07am
Venue : Opis.. buring~ karang baru bt report~ sambil2 layan internet TV dulu kijap~ hehehe~

hmm... bored.. tiba2 sia teringat TV series yg sia tingu dari lappy daling sia~ GTO aka great teacher onizuka~ kalo laa sia buli jadi mcm dia~ what the best thing about this guy that we all should learn is.. He never describe or mentioned any of his student as a trash.. He teach all of his student of how great the will be if they stay in school.. make friends.. laugh.. share.. He convince his student that not all teacher are bad.. di cni nda ba kan~ suma cikgu2 d sabah bagus kan?? :) .. hehe~ 1 yg sia belajar dari dia~ live your life in blast.. becoz life is not a rehearsal...

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