Thursday, November 5, 2009


Time : 4:00pm
venue : di opis.. kesajukan 2 colleague sia.. nda tahan kana 2 ekon~ hehehe

huh.. why i`m created this blog? what for anyway? mmmm.. let me think of something 1st.. what should i type on my first words... mmmm.. kinda bored actually.. dunno wat to do.. bored with reporting.. bored of being some so that person can call it "asshole"..
Why i'm still creating this then? oh.. mungkin sia perlu someplace that i can meluah2 berabis.. without any penapisan.. tapi dont worry.. sia nda akan buat something that I can go to ISA~~ hahahaa..

anyway.. out of idea.. maybe after this i will typing more and more and more.. sampai sia jadi gila maybe.. janji.. i need to throw out all of my thought.. my idea`s.. my opinion and my life maybe in this blog..

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