Monday, May 24, 2010

Kaamatan fever is back~~!!

ok~ I`m back~!! hahahahah~~ skrg suda mo kaamatan fever suda~~ sia pa lagi~ teda mood suda mo karaja.. dalam pemikiran sia mo balik sabahhhhh jak keja.. lagipun ni sia punya 1st kaamatan since sia kuar merantau aka merajuk~ hahahaha.. ok2.. for the guys that not origin from sabah.. mari saya memperkenalkan serba sedikit tentang apa itu semangat kaamatan bagi rakyat Sabah..
Ok.. just copy few info from wiki..

The Kaamatan festival is an annual event in the cultural life of the Kadazandusuns of Sabah since time immemorial. In its deepest sense, Kaamatan festival is a manifestation of Creator and Creation relationship, as well as Inter-Creations relationship. It embodies the principal acts of invocation of divinities, appeasing, purification and restoration, re-union of benevolent spirits, and thanksgiving to the Source of All. It is part of a complex wholesome Momolian religious system centered on the paddy rites of passage and the life cycle of Bambarayon - the in-dwelling spirit of paddy.
Appeasing is done in respect of Bambarayon, Deities, Divinities and Spirits, who may have been hurt by human wrongful, acts. Purification is performed in respect of human and spiritual needs for forgiveness followed by resolutions to make themselves worthy of the gifts of life from God. Restoration in necessary to ensure the health and well being of SUNIL, mankind and other spiritual beings. Re-union is realised in respect of human needs to be integrated in body, mind and spirit within the concept of the seven-in-one divinity in humanity, as well as re-union of Bambarayon with human Sunduan. Finally Thanksgiving is observed as befitting for all creations to express their gratitude and appreciation for the gifts of life (through Huminodun) and all life supportive system on earth that their Creator lovingly and generously gave them. (courtesy of wikipedia

orait2.. cukup with the intro.. let see what exactly happen on kaamatan..

Sabahan tradisional drinks.. Tapai.. 1 kali minum.. pasti tagap~!! haahaha.. the must serve drinks during the festival..

Ok.. I dusun, we call this singgarung... hehehe.. correct me if i`m wrong aa sabahan...

ok~ sumazau time.. hahahaha~~

Ni acara kemuncak time kaamatan.. Unduk ngadau.. hehe

Finally.. time ni la ramai orang kawin.. ba~ apa lagi~ sungaalll~!!


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