Saturday, February 6, 2010

happiness or money~~

Time : 11.10pm
venue : rumah~ mengantuk suda ni~ tapi ada idea~ blogging laa kijap~ hehe

hmmmm~ happiness or money~ sia tenampak ni di wall post kawan sia~~ trus sia pun jawab~ Happiness... napa? happiness come 1st~ then money will come later.. napa seblang gitu~? mimang betul.. kalo kita ada duit.. kita buli bt apa jak kita mau~ kita buli pg mana jak kita mo.. kita buli shopping sampai kaki kita bengkak2~ .. kita buli clubbing sampai muntah kuning.. tapi~ will it last forever? hmm~~ mimang laa~ sepa juga mo urg yg langsung teda duit kan~ melampau la baa~ cuma.. i wonder.. happiness that being bought by money.. hmmm~ are they happy ever after? if the money all gone, are the happiness still around then?

happiness or money.. you choose...

1 comment:

  1. Love is something, money is ONE thing. Attitude is another thing, Happiness is EVERYTHING. I also wondering and don't understand why some people stil really love and choose money, sanggup kahwin even only become a non-status mistress because of 'rich'. Money is important but it is not everything. and I realize that normally this kind of people are those who are lucky and been pampered and been feed by money all the time. for those who working hard and know how hard to earn money, they will not have such greedy thinking.